We urgently seek the services of an executive position holders or business establishment to act as our regional business representative in the United States of America and Canada pending when sales centers are established.

Based on research and past experience we discovered that having an Agent in various region in the United State and Canada will help to facilitates business transactions promptly. We have customers in different region in North America that have not met with the normal payment schedule of 30 days after receipt of products delivered in good condition, your onus is to assist Nippon Corporation to communicate, establish a good relationship with the customer you would be assigned to and also retrieve payment (overdue Invoice). Information of customers in your region will be forwarded to you so you can do a follow up on them via email and phone calls. It is a part-time job and it takes less than an hour of your time daily, this representative partnership is independent of career and you don't need to leave your current job either.

As compensation for this service, you will be entitled to $5,000 monthly salary every 30 days and 5% commission of every completed transaction (i.e. 5% of every payment received and processed)

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